Process Consulting

How does hiring a Process Consultant help my organization?

In the day to day business of running an organization, it can be a challenge to make the time to proactively look at planning and strategic issues. When sticky issues arise within a workgroup, the organization may benefit by hiring a skilled Process Consultant who provides perspective and solution models to simplify issues and return the workgroup to a productive and efficient work environment as quickly and simply as possible. Here are some sample questions that Process Consultants are asked:

  • "How do I set up a meeting where everyone participates?"
  • "What is the trick to getting everyone to say what they really mean?"
  • "What do I do when the two key players won't/cannot deal with each other?"
  • "What is the best format and what are the best tools to deliver the outcomes I envision?"
  • "How do we design a long term process that reflects maximum participation and buy in?"

Is there an optimal time to engage a Process Consultant?

It is best if the consultant is engaged in the planning stage. On the other hand, Process Consultants are often invited when a group has gotten stuck: it has run out of answers or approaches to reach common ground or provide for a productive work environment.