"I have participated in, and observed the facilitation efforts of Regina Lyons twice with the City of Kirkland. The first was a one evening role playing and often rambunctious, exercise; the second a series of highly sensitive meetings with one of our largest neighborhood organizations requiring a high level of sensitivity and an artful mix of serenity and introspection. Both were deftly handled by Regina and more than achieved the outcomes sought. In a rapidly changing urban environment as Kirkland finds itself within, it is comforting to know that Regina and her outstanding services are just a call away."
                                         James Lauinger - Mayor, City of Kirkland

"Regina Lyons is an integral part of our mediation training team at the University of Washington School of Law. Her insights about mediation and her ability to create a training atmosphere where people stretch but don't break, adds significantly to our mediation training. Regina has a gift for gauging people's skills and supporting them to achieve their goals. She is also a superb presenter, who knows how to present complex concepts with clarity, focus and even humor! She is always prepared, and willing to take on new tasks to support our team."
                   Julia Gold - Director, Mediation Clinic, UW School of Law  

"I was very impressed by how you and others came together to help us weather this storm. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we hope to one day return the favor and the hard work. You are a credit to what
you do!"
                     J. Montomery - Former Chief of Police, City of Bellevue